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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pretty Woman Robots

In order to overcome the scarcity of beautiful girls in the country Pakistani students unveiled their first homnoid robot -Pretty Woman or PW.
”God has stopped creating Dinosaur and Pretty women,” says team leader of Robots a NUST university robot team and proud maker of Pretty Woman Beta.
Powered by Intel Hardcore processor, 36DD R RAM and really really Hard drive. Pretty Woman comes with disposable casing with one night stand and with specially designed Blue Ray eyes PW is able to detect user’s Leaning Tower of Pisa through his pants.
This Michelle Obama faced robot don’t have what every woman has, but nice cleavage though. Pretty can do what every other woman does like household chores etc. It can also do what every woman does in privacy, but later claim they don’t, but they Do (I have HD quality video of these sinful acts).
Team Roboobs with PW did participate in Tokyo robot marathon but failed to impress anyone except Honda Asemo Robot, who leaked his oil when Pretty Woman bowed to crowd and accidentally dropped its below the belt casing.
Renowned robot critique and Editor of Monthly Period says ”In future men who have chronic problem of Green House Gas will love to have this eco friendly low emission girlfriend; disappointed men will be able to break ozone layer with their Hanging Garden of Babylon.” He further said, ”A little effort could transform this tin foil Nelson Mandella into Victoria’s Secret Angel, what PW needs a buxom silicon implant and a couple of few holes.”

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pyaare Afzal going to tremor Indian Audience from 17 June 2015

New Dehli- (Entertainment Desk) Super hit drama serial "Pyaare Afzal" is going to hit Indian Box office from 17 June 2015 on Zee Zindagi.According to sources ZEE NETWORK has bought Drama serial Pyaare Afzal from ARY Digital at approximately $5.3 million.
Pyaare Afzal was super hit drama serial from ARY DIGITAL which has broken all previous record of Pakistani Drama industry.
Hamza Ali Abbasi as AFZAL while Aiza Khan as FARAH IBRAHIM are main lead roles in the serial.
Main scene which has gone viral about drama was AFZAL death in the end like DEVDAS.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hamza Ali Abbasi insulted by followers on Facebook

Karachi- APP Hamza Ali Abbasi who think he is over smart posted a controversial status on his page about Quran verses on music.His followers totally ruined him by calling him mad,crazy and drunk.One person predicted now after getting insult from followers , He will post a status where he 'll apologized for that status and will say his account was hacked bla bla bla.
Hmaza Ali Abbasi Controversial Facebook status about Quran

Here are some interesting insulting comments by Hamza's followers on facebook.


Friday, May 22, 2015

BOL launched in association with Humari News

Pakistan upcoming so called no.1 Channel has been launched.Telecast its 1st bulletin with National Anthem theme. Main thing which goes viral on social media is its logo which is quite similar to CIA logo.

BOL logo is similar to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) logo

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed Wedding

Mahajiristan - Famous Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed tied knot with Syeda Khusbakht here in Karachi.Media didn't cover this story due to prevailing hot AXACT Fake degree scandal.However Team Humari News congratulates Sarfaraz on his first Marital life.
Sarfaraz Ahmed wife
Sarfaraz Ahmed with her wife Syeda Khushbakht

PM Axact & BOL network addressing Nation

Prime Minister of Axact Group Mr Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressing Pakistani nation over Fake Degree allegations.

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