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Friday, May 22, 2015

BOL launched in association with Humari News

Pakistan upcoming so called no.1 Channel has been launched.Telecast its 1st bulletin with National Anthem theme. Main thing which goes viral on social media is its logo which is quite similar to CIA logo.

BOL logo is similar to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) logo

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed Wedding

Mahajiristan - Famous Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed tied knot with Syeda Khusbakht here in Karachi.Media didn't cover this story due to prevailing hot AXACT Fake degree scandal.However Team Humari News congratulates Sarfaraz on his first Marital life.
Sarfaraz Ahmed wife
Sarfaraz Ahmed with her wife Syeda Khushbakht

PM Axact & BOL network addressing Nation

Prime Minister of Axact Group Mr Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressing Pakistani nation over Fake Degree allegations.

Monday, April 20, 2015

VFONE is ending - WTF PTCL

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ) is shutting down its Vfone services all over Pakistan from May 2015.Mostly Vfone users are old customer of Ptcl.They have used their fucking Landline prior and after getting worse services like line dead, distortion in line and expensive calls they moved towards CDMA service of Ptcl which "WAS" Vfone.

World is advancing towards 5G 6G and in Pakistan we are rolling back towards stone-age by using landline services of PTCL.

If you ask from PTCL why they are shutting operation of V Wireless phone, they will give you lame excuse of "Security Reason" .If it is this than Mobile Network should block on priority and every Cellular network should close its operation in Pakistan due to Security threat through Mobile Phones.Mobile phones are using for Bomb Blast and also using for giving threat to get ransom money.

Vfone was proven economical for many household.It was prepaid connection, anyone can load its CDMA upto Rs.20 - 1000.But if you want to use Ptcl landline you should 've to pay atleast Rs.250 whatever in the name of line rent or package charges.

PTCL is calling its Vfone subscribers through 051-1236 and offering free of cost replacement of landline with same Vfone number plus free installation of 2 MB internet with 10GB downloading at 500 / month.
But lot of customers who moved towards Landline are complaining that PTCL has issued them new number while on complaining via helpline now PTCL customer care department is saying Vfone number can't be alot on landline.Ptcl is making its customer fool.Although many customers are claiming that they have launched many complains but got no positive feedback.

In the end I want to say "PTCL YOU SUCK" !

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 launched in Pakistan by

Samsung Galaxy S6 PakistanKarachi (humari Tech) Famous online shopping site launched Samsung Galaxy S6 in collaboration with Voda Com (VC Mobile) .Ceremony was held in PC hotel where celebrities from Television and film world were present. Fawad Khan - Brand Ambassador of Samsung Mobile in subcontinent was chief guest of the show.

Samsung organized lucky draw where T-Shirts, wrist watches and especially Samsung Galaxy S6 was given to winners through draw at the end of the ceremony.Fawad Khan distributed prizes among winners.
Fawas Khan giving Samsung S6 mobile and T-shirt to winner of lucky draw
Record 10,000 + online orders received from customers right after launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold in just 5 minutes. 
Samsung Galaxy S6 - SM-G920F - 32GB is available in White, Black and in Gold color.

Television's famous actress Ayeza Khan signed contract for advertisement of Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold. 
Ayeza Khan with Samsung S6
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wordpress blocked in Pakistan just to promote Blogger

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) banned WordPress in Pakistan just to promote Blogger a competitor of WordPress.According to our sources PTA asked a handsome money from WordPress for giving him license to work in Pakistan.

WordPress to Blogger
Pakistan ranked upon 4th according to usage of WordPress for websites and for Blogging.

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